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How can I get a price?
With our easy real time online booking system powered by Tousca, you can easily obtain a quote and book your desired service requirement.

Look for our "Quote" button on our navigation bar at the top of each page and simply enter the data for an immediate quote, or download our PDF rates document, email us at or call us on 010 590 1120, we look forward to hearing from you.
How do I make a booking?
With our easy real time online booking system powered by Tousca, you can easily book your desired service requirement.

Look for our "Point-toPoint Quote" and "Make a Booking" buttons under Bookings & Quotes in the navigation bar and simply enter the data to make your desired booking. The easy navigation process will guide you every step of the way right through to our secure PayU payment gateway.
Why do I need to have a functional telephone at the time of the pick-up?

Most airlines require your phone to be off, or in flight mode, and this makes it difficult for us to give you the best possible service on your collection. Being able to communicate in the bustle of the airport will ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, so remember to switch on your phone or to change your in-flight status when you land. Also remember to provide PPS with an correct cellphone number when creating your booking to ensure we are able to stay in touch.

If you will not have a functional mobile on your arrival, please ask our Customer Service representative for alternative options at the time of making your booking.

Should you miss our driver at the airport, please make contact with our call centre at +27 10 590 1120 or after hours at +27 83 654 4321.

What is a certified operator?
All transport and taxi operators must comply with the Legislated Requirements of a Passenger Transport Operator as set out by the Department of Transport, this includes each vehicle being issued with a transport permit, having a valid COF (certificate of fitness) as well as ensuring the drivers have their PrDP (professional driving permits) and that the company has adequate passenger liability – R5 000 000.00 per incident as per South African legislation. 

Operators not in possession of such documentation stand the chance of being fined or worse still, having their vehicles impounded immediately by the traffic police for illegal trading, resulting in the possibility of being stranded on the side of the road. 
How secure is our online payment?
When it comes to your money we take our business security very seriously.  Due to the complexities of the South African banking laws and their very stringent security requirements we have outsourced this to the professionals and have partnered with PayU, the payment gateway of choice for SA’s online businesses.
With our partner PayU the security of your data is our priority. PayU protects your financial and personal information with industry-leading physical and electronic security systems. View the list of security topics below for a list of security tips and additional information.  In addition we do not store your credit card information in our databases and all connections are secured with data encryption technologies.
Our online payment solution offers 3D Secure which is a security standard created by Visa and MasterCard to further secure e-commerce transactions. 3D Secure payment security creates what is called a ‘trust chain’ throughout the transaction, shifting the liability for fraud from the merchant to the issuer under specific conditions. Both the card holder and the merchant acquiring account need to be enrolled / activated for 3D secure.

PayU Security Topics:
I’m an assistant and I frequently book shuttles for others, how do I do that?
The best and easiest way is to log on to our website where you can create an account. Once created, you can log on to our secure site anywhere any time, the site will identify you as a registered user which will speed up your booking process as it will prepopulate certain fields and will give you access to past bookings and quotes, update you on your account status, should this have been arranged, provide you with special offers, news and updates.
You can then change details to the myriad of passenger/s  profile and booking requirements that you manage, while maintaining yourself as the person who made the booking. This way both you and your passenger/s automatically receive the same booking notifications, no effort. Its real time online shuttles at its best.
Can I book with my mobile device?
Be our guest, our website is optimised for the latest mobile browsers.  You can comfortably make your booking online on any mobile device, give it a try.
Is my shuttle booking complete immediately after I submit it?
Yes it is, however not confirmed until payment has been approved and you have received your confirmation voucher which will have a confirmation number on it, all of which is fully automated and issued within a minute of you having finalized your transaction.

In the event that we are unable to meet your booking request, you will be informed immediately on screen and we will send an email and/or text message to advise you that the booking was not successful or is pending.
Where do I see the status of my booking?
You can check the status of your booking here. We will require your reservation number and email address to retrieve the quote or booking details. 

Alternatively log in with your email and password, provided to you by email the very first time you requested a quote or booked with us. Here you will find a full inventory of your bookings and quotes, a place where you can manage all your shuttle, chauffeur, tour and transport needs.
Why create a personal profile?
Because it’s fun, but more importantly it’s easy. Available 24/7 with any internet connection on any mobile device. Once you have created an account you can log on to our secure site and we will identify you as a registered user which will speed up your booking process because its personal, and will prepopulate certain fields, to give you access to past bookings and quotes which are easily converted into new bookings, update you on your account status, should this have been arranged, provide you with special offers, news and updates, gives you access to our wide range of services like concert shuttles, event shuttles, chauffeur services, day tours, coach charter etc and you can pay online by credit card or EFT through our secure PayU payment gateway.

You can also update your profile or the myriad of passenger/s  profile and booking requirements that you manage, while maintaining yourself as the person who made the booking, and our system automatically communicates with both you and your passenger/s ensuring you all receive the same booking notifications, no effort, now that is brilliant, even if we say so ourselves!
How can I be sure that my shuttle or service booked will arrive?
Actions speak louder than words, we have been around since 1996, so we must be getting it right however for your comfort you will receive reconfirmation of your booking by email and text message within 24hours of the service collection time, this will indicate that one of our very professional and competent chauffeur drivers has now been allocated to your service and that a car has been reserved for you as requested.
In the not too distant future you will be able to log on to our tracking system and monitor the movement of your appointed chauffeur and vehicle and our system will also automatically notify you when the chauffeur has departed for your collection, when he is 5 minutes away and upon arrival – now that is just awesome!  Don’t you love technology?
What if my shuttle or service booked does not arrive?
Oh wow, what a horrible thought but unfortunately a reality for any number of reasons, but we will be sure to inform you, with a personal phone call, well in advance of such a situation. We will then provide you with a second vehicle which for obvious reasons will arrive later than requested, or less ideally request that you make an alternate arrangement. Rest assured that in such a situation not only will the matter be dealt with in the most severe manner but we will be sure to accommodate and compensate you in some way or form.
Should you not have been contacted, please check that your mobile is switched on and operational, and contact our 24/7 help desk immediately +27 83 654 4321.
What if my shuttle has a breakdown?
You do know how to ask the right questions, and while this is very unlikely as our vehicles are all current models, never more than 3 years old and all serviced in accordance with vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, no mechanical item is flawless. 
Should this happen, our chauffeur service drivers are all well equipped to deal with most breakdowns and have all received basic technical training on vehicle maintenance. However in the case of them not being able to get the vehicle back on the road, they will contact our 24 hour operations centre on + 27 83 654 4321 who will:
  • Guide them through a startup process once again.
  • Contact our on-the-road support crew backed up by Imperial.
  • Arrange for another vehicle to collect you.
  • In the case of a last minute flight check-in we will even have one of our chauffeur drivers meet & greet you at the airport and assist you directly to the correct check in counter.
Notwithstanding all of the above it is incumbent on you the traveler to ensure you have enough time to get to your destination even in the event of a technical breakdown and to ensure you have appropriate and adequate insurance to cover any costs as a result of the delay.
What is the procedure at airports? How do I find my chauffeur driver?
Now this is where our unique service makes you feel so very VIP, its where our personal attention and friendly and competent chauffeurs shine.  It’s the start of you being our guest.
For Airport Shuttles, your shuttle confirmation voucher will have instructions on how to find your driver specific to your chosen airport of arrival.

When using our Meet and Greet service, your personal chauffeur driver will be waiting in attendance for you, holding either a green Professional Passenger Service paging board with your name on it, or should you want a group name or company logo to be displayed or even a personal message, please add the request to additional Information to your booking.
In addition and for your safety and comfort, to ensure you have met up with the correct chauffeur driver and he is clear about your drop off location, quote your unique Travel Voucher number to our chauffeur driver to ensure you have indeed met up with the allocated driver.
You see, we do care and we want you to feel more than satisfied in our care.
What if my flight is delayed or early?
Oh, that’s a huge possibility but not a problem at all, that is part of our service as we monitor the updated arrival time of the flight and adjust the pick-up time accordingly. 

Please note however that this may just mean that we have to appoint an alternate driver, no less competent, no less friendly just more available, but we will let you now, and oh, should the flight land before or after our after-hours timings, the rate quoted will be adjusted accordingly.
What if my flight is cancelled?
We would be so sorry that you could not experience our outstanding and exceptional Shuttle and Chauffeur service with drivers to match, but should this happen our standard Cancellation Policy will apply i.e. If cancelled less than 2 hours from the scheduled collection time, plus driving time we unfortunately will have to charge as not only would your professional driver have been dispatched but there is very little chance he could be used for any other service at such short notice. 

So please inform us in enough time so that we may cancel the booking without any fees and if you are changing your plans and have ongoing shuttles or service please inform us at the same time so that we may cancel all service as we will never assume to cancel ongoing shuttles.
How does the chauffeur driver know that I am the right passenger and nobody else takes my paid shuttle service?
We know everyone but just in case our radar has missed you, our competent chauffeurs will always ask you for a copy of your shuttle voucher sent by email and SMS and will request you to quote your unique Travel Voucher number to ensure you have indeed met up with the allocated driver. 

In addition you are welcome to call our office +27 10 590 1120 or +27 83 654 4321 to verify the chauffeur driver details.
How do I modify my shuttle booking?
You are more than welcome to make any changes but please note certain changes are subject to reconfirmation and rates quoted may be affected depending on time before the schedule collection time. Common changes include time, number of passengers, a stop on route or an address, all which can often affect the price of the booking. Where there has been a change in price, the booking is subject to reauthorization of the credit card.
Any changes to bookings must be communicated to and reconfirmed by our Customer Service center on 27 10 590 1120 / and not the allocated chauffeur driver, as our chauffeurs are not involved with service allocations and very often may have different booking situations depending on the time and the day.
Please ensure that your change is confirmed and communicated in writing and that you have received an updated shuttle voucher.
How much luggage I can have?
As much as you want, not sure you will get on the aircraft though, as we provide Luggage vehicles and trailers for any amount of luggage but for normal travel please pay attention to a suit case icon next to the car when selecting the vehicle, this is the number of standard sized suitcases each vehicle can carry comfortably. In the event you wish to exceed the recommended luggage capacity you might experience inconvenience during your transfer (e.g. having to travel with your luggage in the cabin).

If you have special needs for the luggage, e.g. bicycle, pets, extra-large suitcases, make a note of it on the additional information field, or enquire with our service centric Customer Service team on +27 10 590 1120 before making the booking.

Please note, our chauffeur service driver will have the right to deny the transfer with 100% cancellation fee, especially in the case of any hazardous or otherwise unsuitable luggage based on the local road and traffic safety regulations, or to protect the car from damage.
How many passengers are allowed?
No jokes here, this is a very serious matter. We take your comfort and everyone’s safety as top priority, and without exception will not undertake the service booked should the number of passengers exceed the seating capacity of the vehicle, and a 100% cancellation fee will apply.
Therefore please pay attention to the passenger icon next to the car when selecting the vehicle, this is the number of passengers the vehicle is authorized and insured to carry comfortably and safely.
What if my plans change?
Change in plans are the nature of our business and our flexibility and ability to accommodate these changes is one of our great strengths however please note that our chauffeur drivers are only responsible to carry out your service as booked and as stated in the Travel Voucher. 

Any changes at the time of the service must be communicated to the Customer Care desk on +27 10 590 1120 who will go out of their way to accommodate you should you wish to make significant changes to your booking, such as change the vehicle type, pick-up date or alter the route significantly, you must receive confirmation from our Customer Care Desk as not only may the appointed chauffeur not be available to extend his service but the rate quoted may change and approval may be required.
How do I file a complaint or let you know if I was not happy with the service?
We know we are not perfect, but damn we are close and we try hard to be flawless, however should we have missed the mark you are encouraged to contact our office, Monday to Friday 08h00-17h00 on +27 10 590 1120 and speak to our Reservations Manager or General Manager or email Customer Services in writing to so that we may investigate and suitably address your concern within 24 hours. 

We love receiving complaints, it means you care to inform us, and it gives us the opportunity to up our game and exceed your expectations the next time round.
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As one of the leading shuttle, chauffeur and tour operators in South Africa, Professional Passenger Services is without question your operator of choice. We are the South African industry experts, providing services in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. When you book any one of our airport shuttles, concert shuttles, chauffeur services, day tours, coach hire, bus hire, event shuttles or point to point shuttles, you will be met by a team that goes above and beyond. No matter your shuttle transport requirements, you can be assured that you will Enjoy the Journey.

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